Goal & Mission

Meiloon’s vertically integrated supply chain services make us an ideal partner. Meiloon leads the way with a reliable, complete solution that includes OEM/ODM’s, design, manufacturing and logistics services. The end result is improved efficiency and quality from your initial concept design all the way through after service and support with meaningful time and cost savings.
Meiloon is unique in our ability to provide end-to-end solutions through innovative and proprietary ERP systems. By routinely taking on the apparently improvement, Meiloon has been relied on to provide our customers with the best opportunities for success. We make what customers do easier, better, faster and more profitable. We continually strive to set new improvements, not only in innovation, but also in corporate responsibility. Our mission is to increase our customers’ competitiveness.
Meiloon offers its customers the best path for bringing audio solutions to market. We provide quality design and manufacturing of all types. We have assembled an experienced and highly skilled team to allow us to customize any design for your, our customer. We also provide the flexibility often required in the design and development process. Using cost effective planning and manufacturing we are able to offer our customers innovative and quality products.
Customer satisfaction and building long term customer relationships is always our goal at Meiloon. We listen closely to customer needs and meet challenges by leveraging our exceptionally talented people. We can scale up rapidly and can transition products quickly into new regions or markets. With integrated solutions that span the entire product life cycle we add value at every step of the way.