Department functions

Department introduction Department introduce
  • Formulate company policies and decide on business and management policies.
  • Supervise the work plan and implement policies of all departments.
Management Supervision Committee
  • Composed of directors, meetings are often held irregularly.
  • Supervise and manage business performance and make decisions on important issues.
Real Estate and Strategic Investment Department
  • Real estate market and industry analysis, providing business decision-making and business operation reference information.
  • Planning and execution of strategic investment.
Finance Department
  • Accounting, tax processing, tax planning and budget preparation control.
  • Acquisition, utilization and dispatch of financial funds and other related matters.
  • Compilation of financial and management related reports and provision of management information.
  • Comprehensively manage the drafting and review of various contracts and provide legal consulting services related to business.
  • Coordinate intellectual property-related businesses such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and technology licensing.
  • Handle related matters such as stock affairs operations, public information disclosure, shareholder meetings and board meetings.
manufacturing department
  • Make various production plans.
  • Manufacturing department staffing.
  • Execution and supervision of all product manufacturing plans.
  • Maintenance, repair and purchase budget of manufacturing equipment.
  • New product testing, manufacturing equipment procurement.
Material Department
  • Provide the materials needed for production and avoid hoarding materials.
  • Purchase high-quality materials at an appropriate unit price to reduce company costs.
  • Assist R&D and sales departments to obtain samples for quotation.
  • Find suitable material manufacturers to reduce company costs and deliver smoothly.
R&D/Engineering Department
  • Planning, execution and supervision of new product development plans.
  • Prototyping, testing and packaging of samples.
  • Create an item number for a new product.
  • Create a bill of materials and file all materials.
  • Standardize all products.
  • Undertake and evaluate project plans.
  • exterior design.
  • Mechanical Design.
  • Electronic circuit design.
  • Sample making.
  • Manufacture of test equipment.
Sales/PM department
  • Formulate product prices and marketing plans.
  • Introduce products to customers, assist in development and quotation.
  • Coordinate with R&D to make samples according to customer needs.
human resources department
  • Manpower planning, recruitment, training, salary system planning and other related operations.
  • Procurement and management of common affairs.
information department
  • Information system planning, implementation and management.
  • Information security control and network construction and maintenance.
  • Transform employee training content into online learning.
Quality Assurance Department
  • Establish a quality control system and an annual quality plan.
  • Establish inspection standards for materials, semi-finished products and finished products.
  • Quality verification of trial products and samples.
  • Incoming quality control, process quality control, final quality control execution and abnormal response.
  • Response and handling of customer complaints.